Friday, April 4, 2008

Motorhead, Remember Me Now---Motorhead Alright

Less than 2 weeks until we go to Houston for the In Flames---Job for a Cowboy--Children of Bodom show.

There is another band (High On Fire) who is pretty cool...kind of sounds like Motorhead's little brother.

And "Megadeth" who is headlining(whatever), but I predict In Flames is going to steal the show.

I won't know, because I am not sticking around to watch Mustaine make a bigger dick out of himself. I just don't get his version of music. Plus, I had a minor little run in with him when I lived in Phoenix. He is an asshole. If I could have bought my ticket without Megadeth getting a dime I would have.

To me, Megadeth is about as heavy as "Staind" which is to say about as heavy as R.E.M.

Which is fine..but then don't try to sell yourself as some "heavy" band.
And I really don't like how he tries to make himself seem more important in the formative years of "metal". Megadeth wasn't even on the radar for most of us.

If he hadn't been briefly affiliated with Metallica, I would have never heard of him.
I bought their first record, which sucked, because it said on the cover "former member of Metallica" which was the norm back then ( I first bought Possessed " 7 Churches" because the sticker on the cover said "If you like Slayer, check these guys out')

Actually, Megadeth reminds me of Rush. Whiny, weinery vocals over music that really wouldn't be SO bad as an instrumental.

I am really looking forward to Job for a Cowboy though, and R. is seriously looking forward to In Flames. They were supposed to play in South Africa 2ce, but backed out (they didn't want to take anti-malaria pills, or something) so she has never seen them, and they are her favorite band...or one of her favorites.

And, neither one of us has been to a show, period, since the Opeth show we saw in Edmonton in 2005.

Buffalo went for about 15 months without a single national touring act playing that I gave a damn about, except for when Napalm Death played...but I was out of town that week.

Meshuggah and Ministry (odd pairing) are playing a show in Austin 2 or 3 days before the Houston show.

It will be worth the price of admission just to see/ hear Haake play "Bleed". I still can't get over that beat...and neither can every amateur drummer on youtube...there is some unofficial contest between crappy drummers trying to play "bleed"... been a long time since there was a song that had every drummer who is into the genre was dying to master...maybe since "Reign in Blood".

I am going to try to work...why don't you go outside, and play for awhile?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Am I Wrong--Have I Run Too Far to Get Home

Alrighty then...

This is my Wife's "You reek of weed" face:

And THIS is Leon...super cute and lonely sitting on her back step. Makes me want to do something nice for her:

This is the chicken I am going to sneakily give her:

I have her undivided attention...
So, I very quietly toss the chicken to her...trying to NOT let her parents know that I am feeding their doglet.

and the other piece...

And a hearty "thanks for that chicken":

Oh, Leon, you deserve so much more. And we deserve you.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I Was Born Feet First--It Shows in the Way I Think

Here is a fun fact...

If you smoke a bunch of joints, and then take the roaches, and roll them up, you have a "2nd generation" joint.

If you smoke a few of them, and roll up the roaches, you have a "3rd generation" joint.

Now, that is where I was in the game...I had 4 big, fat "3rd generation" joints, and tried to do a "4th generation" didn't work. I have been storing the roaches in a pill bottle to let them dry out a little bit, but after about the third toke, it was way too soggy to smoke. Not to mention the gross, little, brown resin stamp that the end became.

And then there was the stench...I reeked.
So I had to just start over, and roll a giant spliff.
I took some pictures of R. frowning, and breathing through her shirt.
It is her " You reek of weed" look.
I will post them tomorrow morning, as I am too tired to stay up.

So, it is kind of like the old "you can't fold a piece of paper in half 8 times" trick for potheads.

I am committed to this type of "research".

Knowledge make the world a better place. Especially at my house.

No Longer Capable of Enslaving the Likes of Humankind

So, I didn't get the tooth pulled after all.

The oral surgeon said that if I have more teeth that need to be pulled, it makes better sense to do them all at once, rather than pay for the anesthesia twice.

Which does make perfect sense to me, too...but...

That means I have to go BACK to the first dentist...and THEN make another appointment with the oral surgeon.

This was after I had wussed out from letting him yank it with just novocaine.
I told him it is not so much the pain, as that tooth has hurt is the "being aware of what he is doing" factor.

Then I asked him "What would you do if you were me--bearing in mind that i have NO insurance, and a very limited supply o' cash"

That was CLEARLY a situation he was NOT comfy in...I could see it on his face...him, thinking "Me? Poor? um--No. "

But, he then came up with the plan of going back to the first dentist, and seeing what else needs to come out, and then doing it all at once.
Which did also let me save face a little...I almost felt like If I left , and wasn't bleeding, that the Aryan Vanguard of receptionists (they are SERIOUSLY all blond haired, 5'10", severe faced women in their 50's, and there were about 7 of them) would be let down.

So, now I get to look like a dick to the first dentist, because I originally saw him over a month ago, and he told me to get the tooth pulled, AND THEN come back.

The funny thing is...the tooth feels fine now, no pain. It is like it is making it's toothy case to stay.

It is telling me " C'mon man...lemmy stay here...I'll protect this portion of your gums, don't let him take me out man...please man, I won't hurt you no more"

If it was a bicuspid, I might listen..but you can NEVER trust a molar.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

As for You, Sir--Your Services Have Been Rendered Useless

Today is the day...

I am getting that bad toof pulled in about 2 hours. I am shitting myself.

I know-I know, it is not that big of a deal...but either is getting on an airplane to most people, and I can barely do that. I also know that this is (mostly) unfounded fear, and it is totally deconstructive. However, my brain doesn't seem to be cooperating.

I went to the grocery store, and bought lots of "soft" foods....(ie: pudding, yogurt, ice cream, pablum) so I guess I am at least prepared...just not ready.

I am still not even sure if this guy is planning to knock me out. I am pretty sure I need him to. I feel like this tooth has already caused me more than enough pain, and I don't think I need to hear it...much less feel how hard he has to pull...Jesus.

I am really not helping myself.

I am going to go chain smoke until it is time to be a big boy.

I can only hope that they appreciate me wearing loose, easy to remove shorts, and not pesky jeans, just in case he is that kind of dentist.


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