Thursday, June 26, 2008

And When He's Found What He's Looking For--Listen In Awe and You'll hear...

And, yes, the Eagle has landed.

Doctor came by at about 5, i can't believe it is already 12:30.

Time flies when you are super-stoned--or maybe it crawls, and you just don't care.

Anyhoo... the new stuff is very nice, fluffy, buddy. It smokes nice and smooth.

I am quite pleased.

Amazing how having a copious amounts can improve a fellow's demeanor.

So I smoked a bunch, and played poker, and "talked" to my buddy in NY on myspace.

All in all, a great night.

Now, I am going to get in bed with my wife, and fall asleep to Sportscenter.

Hope you have a night as nice as this one was for me soon.

We are Students of Fictional History, Fed an Incomplete Formula

Today started out like a typical day at the end of the month...with us frantically billing as much as we can, so that we can continue our lavish lifestyle (we are having hot dogs tonight...tres posh)

But then, as I was basking in the afterglow of lunch, my "doctor" called me, and said he would be out this way today. So, that means it is New Bag Day. Or it will be.

That means that I have to go over to the "shady" store, to get some papers (the last time I was there, some Vato was arguing with the guy behind the counter, saying that when he cashed his check, he had shorted him $100. It got ugly quick (front door was shattered, cops were on the way) and so I was happy to get the fuck out of there, and wish I didn't have to go back, but I am partial to "Zig-Zag King Sized" papers, and they are the only game in town, that I know of.

So, this evening should be an orgy of giant spliffs.

I love that!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How Could I Forget Such a Revelation---To Love WIthout Fear and Learn Without Question

So, for the last 2 or 3 days, I have had an occasional pain in my side, in the appendix area.

I was doing what I always do when my body hurts, I ignore it, and hope it goes away, or fixes itself.

I do know that I am not mature enough to handle appendectomy, or appendicitis, particularly my OWN.

Well, today I mentioned it to R. just to let her case she finds me screaming, curled up in fetal position...

I don't really think it is anything serious, probably.

And (here is the weird part) then I get an e-mail from my sister, who lives about 1500 miles away, and she says:

I keep getting this weird, sharp pain in my lower gut, on the right. I hope that’s not where one’s appendix is. Maybe I ate a metallic peanut.

Fucking weird.

I figure that between Tim Russert, and George Carlin, America's collective IQ just dropped a bunch.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Castles were all Empty--Asleep - Long Awaiting Their King

This is an excerpt of an e-mail, and the response, that cracked me up:

...good to get out of the house,
and talk to someone who is not a cashier.

I have several cashier buddies in town. One is this kid (prolly 23 years old or so)
who has sold me rolling papers, and scoped my tattoos a bazillion times.
I can tell he wants to be 'bros"...he has that ratty ponytail, and bad mustache of a Metallica fan. He only ever nods at me...never says a word...just tilts his head.
" sup, bro," he is saying.
His e-mail is prolly

And the response:

I have some cashier buds, too; the ones who like me tend to be the prim, proper-looking women, who give me an almost vigorous nod of approval, sort of a “You look clean…and as though you have no secret tattoos” kind of thing. Their emails are probably things like I give them the fake plastic smile of the suburbanite, thinking, “Man, if you knew what a pothead I am"… as I bask in the faux glow of their beige approval. ... I try to go against peoples’ expectations of my bland exterior.


Funny how people can be so similar, yet so different.

Today is the 2 year anniversary of my wife coming to USA from South Africa. We are going to
go out to dinner. We were just thinking back, to my shithole apartment in Buffalo that I was living in (we moved about 5 weeks after she arrived--to a bigger shithole) and how much better off we are now (in an even bigger....)

It is also (one of) my sister's birthday. I think she is 42.

I am joking, I know how old she is. It is her children's age's that I don't know.

Guess I shouldn't buy that "World's Greatest Uncle" shirt just yet.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Maybe You Know Me---Always Such a Quiet Boy

In an excellent mood...
first of all, it is friday, and that means no fuckin' clients for 2 days.

Also,I found my oldest, and best friend from the first time I lived in Texas on myspace, and he lives right in Austin, with his wife, and 2 kids (I met the oldest when he was a newborn--he is now 15, so it has been a while)

We lost contact with eachother when I moved from Phoenix, to Florida, to Buffalo in one year.
We talked for a long time last night on the phone. He also doesn't drink anymore, but still smokes lots of dope (he was trying to tempt me to drive to his house with some "mean skunky bud"--but I didn't feel like driving) They are going camping this weekend, so when he gets back, we are going to get together, smoke a ton of weed, and tell lies.

His band is playing in a few weeks, (garagey-sludgey-sort of punk---or something) and R. and I will be going.

So, yeah, that is nice.

My asshole neighbor left this morning, and left his dog outside, with no water. The dish wasn't even outside. So I gave her water, and a leftover Arby's beef and cheddar (and then later a dog biscuit, and some chicken) I know that she would be fine if I didn't give her food. I just like to, she likes it ,too. But, this is June in Texas, man. Shit needs water.

We are SO taking her with us when we move. I don't even give a fuck anymore. I will knock on the door, and beat his ass to take her if I have to. I am not letting this asshole kill that dog.

I am going to smoke.

Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm in Love With a Widow-Soon-To-Be, I Don't Think I can Fight It


I have a dentist appointment on Monday...a root canal that I had a few years ago basically came out. It didn't break, it was just suddenly NOT attached.

So, that sucks, but I do need to see what other teefs need to come out...which REALLY sucks.

We are still in house-limbo...waiting for the bank to release the house from foreclosure, so we can buy it.

Just a whole lot of waiting, therefore, a WHOLE lot of smoking.

Sorry, and you came all this way.

Here, go waste some time here...
once you get past the bad handwriting, it is pretty damn funny

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Friday, June 6, 2008

Dying Will be the Death of Me---It Hurts When I Smile

Well, it seems that the house that we want to buy might be in foreclosure.

Evidently, the owner thought he could get it sold quickly enough that he didn't have to make any more payments on it.


So, as of 5:00 PM, we are withdrawing our offer. We will probably turn right around, and make another offer, for about 5 or 10K less.

We made the offer last fucking week. He only got back to us today because we told him that we were pulling our offer at 5:00.

We had decided that we were not going to be "on hold" any longer...and today, well...we ARE going to be on hold, way longer. So, yet ANOTHER week will end with us having no idea when, or even IF we will be getting that house.

My "little experiment" in the backyard has (already) started budding. I didn't think it would even last THIS long, much less mature & produce, but starting to bud in first week of June??
God, I love Texas.

Except for the dodgy real estate agents.


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