Friday, June 13, 2008

Maybe You Know Me---Always Such a Quiet Boy

In an excellent mood...
first of all, it is friday, and that means no fuckin' clients for 2 days.

Also,I found my oldest, and best friend from the first time I lived in Texas on myspace, and he lives right in Austin, with his wife, and 2 kids (I met the oldest when he was a newborn--he is now 15, so it has been a while)

We lost contact with eachother when I moved from Phoenix, to Florida, to Buffalo in one year.
We talked for a long time last night on the phone. He also doesn't drink anymore, but still smokes lots of dope (he was trying to tempt me to drive to his house with some "mean skunky bud"--but I didn't feel like driving) They are going camping this weekend, so when he gets back, we are going to get together, smoke a ton of weed, and tell lies.

His band is playing in a few weeks, (garagey-sludgey-sort of punk---or something) and R. and I will be going.

So, yeah, that is nice.

My asshole neighbor left this morning, and left his dog outside, with no water. The dish wasn't even outside. So I gave her water, and a leftover Arby's beef and cheddar (and then later a dog biscuit, and some chicken) I know that she would be fine if I didn't give her food. I just like to, she likes it ,too. But, this is June in Texas, man. Shit needs water.

We are SO taking her with us when we move. I don't even give a fuck anymore. I will knock on the door, and beat his ass to take her if I have to. I am not letting this asshole kill that dog.

I am going to smoke.

Have a nice weekend.


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