Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Sympathizing, However Honest---Still a Belittlement

< - angry rant - >

So...check THIS shit out...

We have been trying to wean clients away from paying with PayPal, due to their crazy fees, and shit service. So we go with Quickbooks, and are pleased to announce to our clients that we are now able to process credit cards. We invoice last problem.

This month comes around...we invoice...start receiving problem.
But just now ,we get a call telling us we must refund one of our clients, because his invoice came to $1800, and we are only "eligible" to receive payments of UP to $1500. She says "if there is a chargeback, or returned good, we have to be able to cover it, and that is the limit they have set on us, based on R's credit rating"...

What the motherFUCK??!!! making more than $1500 "at once", you are ineligible to get paid, unless you are making (lots) more.

In other (FUCKING IDIOTIC) words...we do not make enough to make more.
And they have access to our records...they can SEE he is one of several, so they can SEE that we make more than enough to cover any chargebacks.

This is yet another time where I feel like "the man" is holdin' a brotha' down.

It is a good thing the eagle has landed.

I see a J the size of a baby's arm in my future...

< / -angry rant- >

I Take Your Precious Art--It Becomes My Leather

We have come up with a possible offer on the house...

But we are also waiting for mortgage approval

Now we play the waiting game...which I am playing with my "doctor" as well...

We are not very good at waiting for shit...especially important shit, like housing, and weed.

Really don't have anything else going on...just a whole lot of waiting...

Sorry you came all the way here, and I can't really play, or be a very good "host" today.

Friday, May 23, 2008

It's Not Over Yet---You Don't Remember I Won't Let You Forget

We were just having a smoke break in the garage...

we got to talking about fertility, and having a kid, and Ros said
"I am sure that your guys are going to be very distracted, we might need in vitro"

I said " What makes you think that?"
she said "because you are a stoner" (but with her accent, it sounds like "stonah")

I haven't been called a stoner in 20 years, maybe more.
That was super funny to me (because I was/am stoned)

Today is ...oozing along.

I have decided that because Camel has changed (ever so slightly, but I can tell) Camel Wides, that I am now officially a man without a brand.
I am going to go back to rolling my own. It is more cost effective, and (hopefully) it won't change it's recipe/formula.

Camel Wides in the new pack SUCK. They are not as wide as they used to be, they burn WAY faster than they used to, and they taste like a cheap a fucking Doral or a GPC.

I should just quit altogether, but...

What is this about this that brings me back?--Have I ever even left? But what can I expect?

Friday, at fucking last.

I have been playing poker at absolute again...despite my animosity towards the site, and it's lousy players. I went back to absolute because pokerroom has placed all US players onto one server,
and all Euro, aussie, and all "others" on another server.

So, suddenly playing poker there is like being a substitute teacher, in a class of really dumb, badly behaved kids. I can't stand the misspellings, and abbreviations, and general malaise towards anything a bunch a idiots, who think they are clever.

So I went back to Absolute, and on my first night back, I played in a freeroll, and came in 47th out of 5000...good for .43 cents.

Since then, I have won several tournaments, and have built money up to $11... Low rolling all the way!

I am going to go do some smoking, and see if that doesn't "help" my work ethic.

Enjoy your day/weekend.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Barren Waste is your Land---Crops They Were Sown to Die

So, I started a myspace page because it was the only way I could track down my cousin.

Suddenly I have old friends popping into life, some I have not spoken with in 15 years.
Very weird. Suddenly people are aware that we have moved out of Buffalo, and live in Texas. I only told a few people I was leaving.

Funny, too, those same people make it seem like we would be hanging around together, now, but for the Texas thing.

We are waiting to hear from the mortgage lender. That is a certain way to make time stand still.

Oh, is fucking hot today for the first time this year.
It is 94F now (36 C) and going to go UP to 99F (37. fuckin' 2 cel.)

To quote my wife, it is "poes hot". If you speak Afrikaans, or Dutch, you know what that means, and how it is pronounced.
If you don't, guess.
I am sure you won't be far off.

I have been listening to the new Opeth. It is spiffy.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Talking, Screaming, Protesting--All That Time Spent

OK, so, we got a letter from USCIS telling us to go to San Antonio to take the next step in R.'s
immigration proceedings (she is a conditional permanent resident and we want to have the "conditional" removed) so we take EVERYTHING that has both of our names on it just to be sure...

All they did was take her fingerprints (again!) and MORE photos. And that was it.

We drove all that nutty way, for 10 minutes...all armed, and didn't even get to fight. Didn't even have to raise our voices. It was actually nice.

And tomorrow we are going back to Palacios to look at a few houses, and sit on the beach for a bit.

2 nights ago we had a storm here that had the drainage yard next to us full to the point that water flooded our backyard, and was touching the house.
And, the aquaduct thingy that lets the water into drainage yard from the neighborhood is right next to my driveway, so the WHOLE neighborhood is nice, and clean, except for our house, which has a nice pile of sand and sediment and shit right in front of it. It's like I am building a delta.

We also found out that the dog next door is NOT named Leon, but Kona.
She will always be Leon to me though.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

On the Edge of Darkness--You're Trapped--You're Gagged--You're Silent

So, it has been more than a month since I posted anything.

That is so typical of me. When I started this blog, I was all "I'm gonna post every day, at least one dumb thing, I am not going to let it lapse" et c.

And then like 2 months into it, I see something shiny, and lose focus.

So, I was right about the In Flames show. They were the best act at the show (bearing in mind that we did not stay for Megadeth, and I suppose that there is some small, teeny, tiny chance that they put on a better show, but I also would assume that they played a whole lot of "Megadeth", and therefore sucked, IMHO) but Job for a Cowboy was nifty, too, only the vocals were WAY too loud, and were making my one ear (I am pretty much deaf in the other) feel like it had an epiglottis attached to it, all shaky, and loose, like my ear was gargling...probably not good for ears at all.

Here is a fun fact about Houston:

It is a really smelly city.

As soon as we pulled off of I-10, an odor like anything old and swampy made us both wince, and glare at one another, accusingly. Our hotel lobby smelled like the ghost of a million cigars, farts, onions, and mustardy pickles. The elevator was even worse. It smelled like an eggy bird-cage.

And then the venue itself...smelled like a swampy,gassy bog.

We seemed to be the only people there who were aware of it. Nobody else seemed disturbed, or distressed, despite the obvious olfactory biological warfare. I guess it is the oil refineries that make it stink, but it was like going to someone's house, who has a really smelly cat, that they can no longer smell, and after a little while, you can't either. Except I could still smell it. Hell, I could almost taste it.

We took a drive to this little town called Palacios (which is pronounced puh-lashes) that I had found a few houses in, that we wanted to take a look ("Have us a look-see", in local jargon) at and just kind of poke around town, and see if it is some where we might want to live.

It is.

So, unless we win the HGTV dream house sweepstakes, we will be moving to Palacios.

Now, of course, I HAVE already put a lot of my eggs in the "sweepstakes basket"...but I am truly mentally, and emotionally primed to win something. Now would be a perfect time to win, logistics-wise.

It is all a part of my (new) 5 year plan, that is based largely on winning shit.


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