Friday, May 23, 2008

It's Not Over Yet---You Don't Remember I Won't Let You Forget

We were just having a smoke break in the garage...

we got to talking about fertility, and having a kid, and Ros said
"I am sure that your guys are going to be very distracted, we might need in vitro"

I said " What makes you think that?"
she said "because you are a stoner" (but with her accent, it sounds like "stonah")

I haven't been called a stoner in 20 years, maybe more.
That was super funny to me (because I was/am stoned)

Today is ...oozing along.

I have decided that because Camel has changed (ever so slightly, but I can tell) Camel Wides, that I am now officially a man without a brand.
I am going to go back to rolling my own. It is more cost effective, and (hopefully) it won't change it's recipe/formula.

Camel Wides in the new pack SUCK. They are not as wide as they used to be, they burn WAY faster than they used to, and they taste like a cheap a fucking Doral or a GPC.

I should just quit altogether, but...


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