Friday, May 23, 2008

What is this about this that brings me back?--Have I ever even left? But what can I expect?

Friday, at fucking last.

I have been playing poker at absolute again...despite my animosity towards the site, and it's lousy players. I went back to absolute because pokerroom has placed all US players onto one server,
and all Euro, aussie, and all "others" on another server.

So, suddenly playing poker there is like being a substitute teacher, in a class of really dumb, badly behaved kids. I can't stand the misspellings, and abbreviations, and general malaise towards anything a bunch a idiots, who think they are clever.

So I went back to Absolute, and on my first night back, I played in a freeroll, and came in 47th out of 5000...good for .43 cents.

Since then, I have won several tournaments, and have built money up to $11... Low rolling all the way!

I am going to go do some smoking, and see if that doesn't "help" my work ethic.

Enjoy your day/weekend.


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