Friday, May 16, 2008

Talking, Screaming, Protesting--All That Time Spent

OK, so, we got a letter from USCIS telling us to go to San Antonio to take the next step in R.'s
immigration proceedings (she is a conditional permanent resident and we want to have the "conditional" removed) so we take EVERYTHING that has both of our names on it just to be sure...

All they did was take her fingerprints (again!) and MORE photos. And that was it.

We drove all that nutty way, for 10 minutes...all armed, and didn't even get to fight. Didn't even have to raise our voices. It was actually nice.

And tomorrow we are going back to Palacios to look at a few houses, and sit on the beach for a bit.

2 nights ago we had a storm here that had the drainage yard next to us full to the point that water flooded our backyard, and was touching the house.
And, the aquaduct thingy that lets the water into drainage yard from the neighborhood is right next to my driveway, so the WHOLE neighborhood is nice, and clean, except for our house, which has a nice pile of sand and sediment and shit right in front of it. It's like I am building a delta.

We also found out that the dog next door is NOT named Leon, but Kona.
She will always be Leon to me though.


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