Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Sympathizing, However Honest---Still a Belittlement

< - angry rant - >

So...check THIS shit out...

We have been trying to wean clients away from paying with PayPal, due to their crazy fees, and shit service. So we go with Quickbooks, and are pleased to announce to our clients that we are now able to process credit cards. We invoice last problem.

This month comes around...we invoice...start receiving problem.
But just now ,we get a call telling us we must refund one of our clients, because his invoice came to $1800, and we are only "eligible" to receive payments of UP to $1500. She says "if there is a chargeback, or returned good, we have to be able to cover it, and that is the limit they have set on us, based on R's credit rating"...

What the motherFUCK??!!! making more than $1500 "at once", you are ineligible to get paid, unless you are making (lots) more.

In other (FUCKING IDIOTIC) words...we do not make enough to make more.
And they have access to our records...they can SEE he is one of several, so they can SEE that we make more than enough to cover any chargebacks.

This is yet another time where I feel like "the man" is holdin' a brotha' down.

It is a good thing the eagle has landed.

I see a J the size of a baby's arm in my future...

< / -angry rant- >


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