Thursday, June 26, 2008

We are Students of Fictional History, Fed an Incomplete Formula

Today started out like a typical day at the end of the month...with us frantically billing as much as we can, so that we can continue our lavish lifestyle (we are having hot dogs tonight...tres posh)

But then, as I was basking in the afterglow of lunch, my "doctor" called me, and said he would be out this way today. So, that means it is New Bag Day. Or it will be.

That means that I have to go over to the "shady" store, to get some papers (the last time I was there, some Vato was arguing with the guy behind the counter, saying that when he cashed his check, he had shorted him $100. It got ugly quick (front door was shattered, cops were on the way) and so I was happy to get the fuck out of there, and wish I didn't have to go back, but I am partial to "Zig-Zag King Sized" papers, and they are the only game in town, that I know of.

So, this evening should be an orgy of giant spliffs.

I love that!


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