Friday, April 4, 2008

Motorhead, Remember Me Now---Motorhead Alright

Less than 2 weeks until we go to Houston for the In Flames---Job for a Cowboy--Children of Bodom show.

There is another band (High On Fire) who is pretty cool...kind of sounds like Motorhead's little brother.

And "Megadeth" who is headlining(whatever), but I predict In Flames is going to steal the show.

I won't know, because I am not sticking around to watch Mustaine make a bigger dick out of himself. I just don't get his version of music. Plus, I had a minor little run in with him when I lived in Phoenix. He is an asshole. If I could have bought my ticket without Megadeth getting a dime I would have.

To me, Megadeth is about as heavy as "Staind" which is to say about as heavy as R.E.M.

Which is fine..but then don't try to sell yourself as some "heavy" band.
And I really don't like how he tries to make himself seem more important in the formative years of "metal". Megadeth wasn't even on the radar for most of us.

If he hadn't been briefly affiliated with Metallica, I would have never heard of him.
I bought their first record, which sucked, because it said on the cover "former member of Metallica" which was the norm back then ( I first bought Possessed " 7 Churches" because the sticker on the cover said "If you like Slayer, check these guys out')

Actually, Megadeth reminds me of Rush. Whiny, weinery vocals over music that really wouldn't be SO bad as an instrumental.

I am really looking forward to Job for a Cowboy though, and R. is seriously looking forward to In Flames. They were supposed to play in South Africa 2ce, but backed out (they didn't want to take anti-malaria pills, or something) so she has never seen them, and they are her favorite band...or one of her favorites.

And, neither one of us has been to a show, period, since the Opeth show we saw in Edmonton in 2005.

Buffalo went for about 15 months without a single national touring act playing that I gave a damn about, except for when Napalm Death played...but I was out of town that week.

Meshuggah and Ministry (odd pairing) are playing a show in Austin 2 or 3 days before the Houston show.

It will be worth the price of admission just to see/ hear Haake play "Bleed". I still can't get over that beat...and neither can every amateur drummer on youtube...there is some unofficial contest between crappy drummers trying to play "bleed"... been a long time since there was a song that had every drummer who is into the genre was dying to master...maybe since "Reign in Blood".

I am going to try to work...why don't you go outside, and play for awhile?


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