Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I Was Born Feet First--It Shows in the Way I Think

Here is a fun fact...

If you smoke a bunch of joints, and then take the roaches, and roll them up, you have a "2nd generation" joint.

If you smoke a few of them, and roll up the roaches, you have a "3rd generation" joint.

Now, that is where I was in the game...I had 4 big, fat "3rd generation" joints, and tried to do a "4th generation" didn't work. I have been storing the roaches in a pill bottle to let them dry out a little bit, but after about the third toke, it was way too soggy to smoke. Not to mention the gross, little, brown resin stamp that the end became.

And then there was the stench...I reeked.
So I had to just start over, and roll a giant spliff.
I took some pictures of R. frowning, and breathing through her shirt.
It is her " You reek of weed" look.
I will post them tomorrow morning, as I am too tired to stay up.

So, it is kind of like the old "you can't fold a piece of paper in half 8 times" trick for potheads.

I am committed to this type of "research".

Knowledge make the world a better place. Especially at my house.


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