Monday, August 25, 2008

Disciples --Come Join With Me--to Save a Failed Humanity

Well, thank the World's one God that the Olympic Games are over.

That was the best Olympic Games in 4 years. It will probably be at least another 4 years before
any new Olympic athletes captivate America with their smiles, and stories.

How heartwarming they all are!

It is the same shit....every time.
"Athlete 'A' was just an alternate...he hadn't made the team,
but someone broke a coccyx, and he got his chance...blah blah blah"

Or even worse: " This guy has come to the Olympics to break every record, blah blah blah"

And until then, Michael "Phuckin'" Phelps' goofball mug is going to be selling everything.

He is a swimmer, man.

A swimmer.

I could understand if Swimming was a more popular spectator sport in America...

Shit, even Bowling used to be on prime time television. NASCAR is huge...
It seems to me as though the Olympics is the only forum (Baywatch re-runs notwithstanding) that swimmers have anymore.

And, OK, admittedly, to show up, claiming to be the Man,
and then proving that you ARE the Man, is cool... and maybe I will buy Gatorade Ocean Flavored Sweatdrink, or Powerbars, with added beefy Protein-surge technology because the Phelps told me to.
I might even get my auto parts at Pepboys, at the Phelps' behest, instead of Autozone, who was only willing to pay a sub-par swimmer to be their spokesman.

But, personally, as a guy (who is very comfy with his raging heterosexuality) I would have rather painted my balls, and swum (swimmed? swam? swammed?) naked before I wore that girly suit.

I'm just sayin'


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