Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm the Greed--The Cynic--I'm the Indifferent Gaze

I tried to take pictures of "The Stone", but he was elusive, and camera shy,
and they all came out blurry.

My wife said they were blurry because it is too small.
Hmpf...Sorry, It was the best I could muster.

And, considering the path it took (of greatest resistance) it is a boulder.

But, I digress.

It is New Bag Day!! Super!

I think it was Win-Dog Churchill who said
"Nothing is so exhilarating as to be shot at with no result"

Well, I submit that the Winster never drove across 2 counties in Texas with a car full of weed, WITH a bad registration sticker. What a rush! What a dumb thing to do!!
I could have waited until tomorrow, when the car will actually be LEGAL, although, I was out of weed, man.
I don't like being out. I am selfish that way. Among many.

I was a highlight from one of those real life cop shows waiting to happen. I broke the cardinal rule ( You gotta be smart when you are doing stupid shit) but, my guy can't afford gas prices anymore... so when he called me to say he was ready to see me, I jumped at the chance, throwing caution to the wind. Although, it wasn't really that dramatic...I just got in the car, and drove to his house.

It was the dumbest thing I have done, since the stun-gun fiasco--(they DO really work!)

Good thing the farm roads are never patrolled.
Very rarely. Hardly ever.Very seldom.

So, first thing in the morning, I am going to have the car inspected.

And then my wife and I are actually going to leave the house...we are going to dinner at our friend's house. Other than the car stuff, it should be a nice day.


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