Friday, March 7, 2008

Hot Needles in My Eyes--I'm Lucky to be Alive

Nightmarishly slow day...not slow because there is no work, but slow because I am waiting for e-mails to come in.
I know they are coming, because I sent them, so they are floating around out there, and blocking me from doing work. Sucks.


I saw, as I logging in an ad for S.X.S.W.
Hard to get excited about that the early '90's I was living in Austin, and have a foggy memory of seeing Johnny Cash do a few songs in EMO's....

I drank Guiness then. Lots of it.

Hard to top that... I have never heard of most of the acts I have seen plugged so far, and ZERO desire to see the ones I have.

Ooh, and the joy of walking down 6th street with a million of my closest enemies.

I believe I am going to take El Paso on S.X.S.W.




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