Thursday, March 13, 2008

One Man--Sick and Evil---Thought to Kill---Kill with Weapons

Finished another huge project today...Salesdick e-mail sorting...

yes...I felt dirty doing it...but

I have already billed almost 30 hours this month , which means

math ... let's see, um carry the one and ....over 5 Billion Dollars!!!!! Jeepers.

I have been feeling fairly Blah! lately. Not sure why.

Just kind of a generic "who gives a fuck" feeling...that not so fresh feeling.

I am not even sure what I am malcontent about, but it is making everything sucky.

When I lived in Bflo. I always called these shitty periods my "At Risk" times, and blamed them on Bflo, and her lovely climate, and people. I mean, it HAS been cloudy and shitty for a few weeks here, but...
This is my first one since i left Bflo.I thought I had left this shit there. Maybe I am infected!

Oh well... the garage will help.


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