Friday, July 25, 2008

Beggar's Life Intolerable--Running With the Madmen


After all kinds of hurricane hype, all we got here was a few nice rain showers.

So, with the rain, of course came a sweltering humidity ( you know, it's not the heat, it's the stupidity er humidity)

so it actually feels hotter, in spite of our temp being only 82 ( that HAS to be wrong---it feels WAY hotter)
and it smells real "gulfy"... hot n gulfy.

I went to my HEB (that is the grocery store chain down here) today, and (thought) I heard some distant cheering, every few minutes, which I chalked up to a new tinnitis, and kept on shoppin'

but as I got closer, and closer to the checkout area , the festival sounds kept on getting louder, and clearer.

Cheering, combined with occasional airgun spurts....

I saw a HEB employee, and said "wtf?"

and she said "omg they R havin6 a cont3st to C who is the fast3st bagger -n- stuff" in Teenese, rolling her eyes at the distasteful interaction with me.

When I got to the checkout line, there were about 50-100 people (no joke) watching, and taking pictures...

and there was Spike, the mascot for the Round Rock Express --our local semi-pro baseball team (he is a dawg, dressed in train {engineer's} clothes... he was there too...what a thrill.

This picture is Spike at the opening of our library. Although it is quite appropriate for this post.

It might have been the lamest human gathering in history...and they were ALL into it...cheering,
one "contestant" was DRIPPING sweat, from running around and shit.

I went through the self check out line, and bagged my own shit to avoid all the nonsense ---and after I got home, realized that I had stolen my bananas (i am not to be trusted)

I am totally not into working today. Not one bit. At all.

Today can't end soon enough.


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