Monday, July 7, 2008

Leading the Dense- the Bovine Human Herd

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One of the teeth I am having removed in a few days has organized a rebellion. I woke up a last week, with that unmistakable (if you have ever experienced it before) "Oh, shit, my tooth is infected" feeling. For the uninitiated, it feels like a balloon, slowly filling up in your face, combined with agony, and new, and improved pain.

So, I phoned my dentist, and told him what was up, and I asked him to call in a prescription for antibiotics...but when I went and picked up my pills, he had called in a prescription for painkillers.

The next morning I phoned him again, to ask for antibiotics, maybe, this time....only to be told that he had gone on vacation.

So, being the enterprising youngish man, I phoned my other dental buddy, the guy who is going to be pulling the teeth, and 'splained to him what was up.

He called in antibiotics, and that is that...right?

Well, no, not exactly.
5 days later, I am still all swollen, out of pain meds, not very happy.

I phone Oral Surgeon guy again, and tell them I am concerned...they tell me that because they knew I was uninsured, that they had called in the (bullshit, ineffective "poor people meds") cheapest antibiotics.
I said " Hey, Baby, the sky's the limit" so he called in some "rich people" antibiotics, and some more painkillers.

I am now on a first name basis with the pharmacist. No joke. I walked up to the counter,
and she said "Hi, Peter, still all swollen?"
I turned my head a little, and she saw, and said "Yes you are."

So, that is what is going on here...a pharmaceutical haze... mixed with moments of PAIN.

Did I mention that my In-laws are coming to visit? In 2 days?
The last time I saw my Mother-in-law, it was not good.

Really not good.

It was really bad.

If I wasn't so doped up, and out of it, I would be really nervous about it.


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