Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Might Be Deemed a Social Misfit---Never Asked, Never Cared

Tomorrow I get those teef pulled at Noon, Texas time. This town ain't big enough for the 3 of us.

I am getting knocked out, because I am a wuss...but it isn't the pain I am afraid of, I have been through the pain is the sound I am afraid of.

I would never be able to stop hearing it, so, no.

I want to be able to eat crunchy stuff without remembering and reliving blah blah blah...

The visit with the In-laws was actually quite nice. Mother-in-law was charming & polite, and her husband is always OK. He is only about a year and a half older than me, so, we get along just fine. For those keeping score, I am 37, (38 next month) R. is 30, her mom is 53, and her mom's husband is 39.

My dear wife turned 30 on July 11 (just a puppy)...that is why the In-laws were here...we shopped and ate.
In-laws went crazy buying everything that we saw. And we saw a lot. They spent well over $4,000 on us. It was really awkward. But really nice.

So, yeah, getting teeth pulled. Shit. The next few days with that bloody cotton taste in my mouth, milkshakes, pudding, all full of painkillers...deja vu.

One thing is kind of funny (to me) on my surgery instructions list, it actually tells me to wear "loose fitting clothes"...What my pants have to do with my teeth, I will never know, but I am thinking that some web-site is about to get a taste of Peter (I am the one with tattoos, and the big for me!)


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