Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ain't Good For Nothin'--But Put a Man 6 Feet in a Hole

After signing up for this blog (head full of stories, ideas, jokey jokes etc.) and sitting for 10 minutes with a snazzy case of writer's block, I've decided to just jump in...

...after jumping in and realizing I still have zee block, I've decided to go down to the garage for four minutes and twenty seconds. Poppies will make them sleep.

What were we just talking about?

After going to the garage, I still have writer's block, but it is a whole lot funnier now. I knew it wouldn't help. I might be primed to embrace someone else's creativity, but hardly the guy to be changing any lives. Or even opening eyes. Maybe I can change eyes? Nevermind.

We are both (seriously) wasting our time here. I am trying to spare my wife the agony of listening to me spout on about what a dick that guy is..or what a great band Slayer is...or whatever. I have a " filter", but you would never think so.
I am still going to spout, only now I will have a point of reference to see where my head takes me,which is usually to a place where really bad music is playing--I am sure to discuss bad songs ad nauseum. Each post will be some song lyric that is going through my head at the time of posting.
That is the purpose of this blog.To see all the stuff that is where algebra should be.


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