Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'll be the First--to Watch Your Funeral---And I'll Be the Last to Leave

And that is that ...I am breaking up with Absolute poker tonight...just like HSBC.
I might as well make a clean break of things.
In theory, my computer should run quicker once I get this big , bulky program out of there.

I am playing one last freeroll.

I found some ask a question site where somebody asked how can I get more play money on Absolute, I am going to offer my 3.7 million.

Have been listening to this guy...

Lost tournament. I had AK , went all in raised $3,900 ...One guy called with 4 7 offsuit, (WHY?)
flop was K74....turn Q river J.
What the motherfuck.
Fuck you

And the horse you rode in on.


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