Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pass the Salt ---Pour it in My Wounds

I have to note this...

I have not cut my hair or beard since I started working at home ( Thanks, Ros!!) and this morning I washed them both ( I usually do at night). The beard looks like it always does,

But my hair...

It is a magnificent coiffure a la Michael Landon. Swooping dramatically, and feathering you couldn't get in ANY salon (even in Johannesburg). It looks like a hair style from a late 70's show, only grayer. Like a feathery wingy gray helmet...with shine, and body.

All of this without the use of comb, or anything for that matter. Just lucky, I guess.

I am truly to be ridiculed.

And Ros is. The other day she said I looked like the singer, Kenny.

I said " Loggins??" incredulously.

"Rogers" she replied.


I need a shave.


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