Thursday, February 7, 2008

I See the World Through Bloodshot Eyes

OK... I am going to rant for a moment.
Have you seen the new (totally stupid) commercial for Welch's grape juice??
I have, and it really irritates me.
There is a little girl sitting in her bed with the sheets pulled over her head. Her "Dad" (looks more like her "Uncle Mike") comes in and asks her why she is being such a pussy. She replies that she thinks something is in her closet...(nah--too easy) and the shot shows about 20 glasses of grape juice on the floor. The girl than says ( in her best 'contrived cute' voice) "Don't worry daddy, the anti-oxidants will protect me". UGH!!
There is more to that ad...but every time I have seen it, I am too busy reacting to take it all in.

And another thing....Maybe I want those Unused Icons on my desktop Mr. Clean-up Wizard. Have you ever thought about that? No---you anal retentive program. You just think about yourself, and how my desktop is the messiest thing ever, and now I know that bothers you, so I have ammunition in this fight now. HA

I might be losing "it"

Now I have to go to the garage. I was "saving" it for later, but now I am all annoyed.
Well, not really, but why take a chance?

If you are sensing a theme, you are perceptive.


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