Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Believe in Me---'Cause I Damn Sure Don't Believe in You

Today is professionally cloudy---big leagues.
We went to the grocery store last night after deciding to make a serious, conscious effort to eat healthier foods ( always feel that way after our weekend of drive-thru crap)...
Anyhow, we went, and bought tons of fruit and veg, and no meat for the week.
It looked like Swedish people's food.
The check-out girl even said to Ros "wow, you guys eat really healthy".
She was clearly not seeing my "dickdoo" ( when your stomach sticks out further'n your ....)
So I am hungry.

I am also on the verge of wanting to quit smoking cigs. I haven't had one yet today, because last night, I felt like I had ass-mar. I couldn't get a full breath. Kind of scary. Must've been all that lettuce.
I just wish I didn't look so goddamn cool when I smoke, that would certainly make it easier to quit.


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