Friday, February 15, 2008

Last Time---I Swore it Was the Last Time

Friday...our e-mail seems to be down...some routine maintenance on our server, but it isn't supposed to be happening until tonight at midnight.

I just read on BBCnews that there have been 4 shooting incidents at U.S. schools this WEEK.

Not cool.
Having grown up in Kent, Ohio, I feel bad not just for the victims, but those towns and schools will carry a "black mark" on them for years, maybe forever.
After the KSU shootings, my father (who was an english prof.) began a lifelong affair with depression, anxiety, and a general malaise towards life. I was born that year, so I don't remember him "before" but I know he was a "joiner" in earlier life. Not in my lifetime though.


This is why I can't/don't watch the News.
"It is good to be an ostrich sometimes" said my wife.
As usual, she is right.


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