Monday, February 25, 2008

Branded a Jonah with Fevered Blood--Ungodly Freak--Defiler

Ok...WTF is wrong with people?!?!!

Started off day with a call (well, 5 calls) from some stupid bitch who "couldn't understand the voice message", then got dumber the longer poor Ros spoke with her...

Dumb bitch: "I want to return this...I thought it was free" (yes, that is why you gave your credit card information on the order page. I frequently give my credit card info out for services I think are free)
Ros : " Ok, Send it to this address..." (repeats address 4 times to her royal dumbness)

Dumb Bitch: "Well, I also want to tell you, I think this book is tacky--it doesn't even have a table of contents"
Ros : "Um, I will pass along your comments"

Dumb Bitch: "Will I be charged?" (I thought you thought it was free?)
Ros: "Not if book is in good condition"

D.B.: "Define good condition"
Ros: "Able to be re-sold"

D. B.: "Well, it won't be, I have highlighted the first 4 chapters" (thought it was tacky--seems like you meant to keep it by highlighting shit)

Ros: "..."

D.B.: "I had to highlight it to keep my place" ( no comment)

and that's just the top of it.

It is going to be nice and warm today, though. 85 degrees (thats 28 degrees to you non-Fahrenheit speakers)

Today is wavering between a "whatever" and a "Godammit" so far...

and it is still early.


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