Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Raining Blood---From a Lacerated Sky

Last night we stayed up far too late for a "school night" watching Mel Gibson's tour de force
"Apocaliptica". Not really sure why.

It had more holes than swiss cheese, but I guess that is always the case with movies.

I found out this morning that Liberace (yes, the Liberace) was the piano player at the Park Lane.
I never would have thought I worked in the same building as ol' Lee.

I am reading the biography of Peter Gust (Your Host, Peter Gust) who was the guy who made the Park Lane the special place that is was...long before people like Me screwed it all up.
It depicts a VERY different city of Buffalo than I experienced.
Only the place names are familiar.
The customs, optimism and class had all been long pounded out o' Bflo by the time I arrived.

During my first tour of duty at the Park Lane, there was an old, yellowed piece of paper near the back door that read:

Say Goodnight to Peter Gust.

And I did, every night I worked there. I had NO idea who he was...but saying "goodnight, Peter Gust" never seemed like a lot to axe, so every time I went out that door I said it.
Even if it was just a quick smoke break, of which we took gazillions. We probably smoked more dope than Bob Marley there... good times.

I wonder how much Liberace smoked we he worked there...

If people only knew what their chef was just doing.


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