Saturday, February 16, 2008

While the Rest o' Them Dudes Were A-Gettin' Their Kicks

Up way too early for a Saturday.

We stayed up until about 3:00 AM watching all of the "The Amazing Race" (go Hippies!) episodes that Ros recorded.

We would SO rock that competition...except for the whole " I am shit-scared to fly" issue. I can fly...with lots of "help" but wouldn't be able to do other things, like move, if I had to take that much "help".

It isn't really fair to call it fear of is fear of crashing.

Started this post---and then realized that my submission to had been posted.

Whilst I was at kissthisguy I had to submit another lyric...Mississippi Queen, by Mountain.

I always thought he said:
"Bought a bag of pot and we were getting high"

But, evidently it is really:
"Boy, I Beg your Pardon, I was getting mine"

Boy, is my face red.


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