Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Withered Rope You Hang What's Empty---

Can't Remain to Put it Simply...

Actually, not nearly as dreary a day as the title would indicate. Bright, sunny, and our tree has it's first little green leaves of the spring.

Played poker for about 4 hours last night, won first tournament, then lost several.
Was down a bunch, then I played at a sit and go table. Doubled my money, and ended the night up a few bucks...( RockandRalph, thanks. You are a lousy bluffer. Listen to Kenny Rogers' song. Because you don't seem to know when to fold 'em.)

I hope to play against him again, lots.

Found the Skinny Puppy "Remix Dystemper" album online last night.
And "Kiss It Goodbye"(she loves me not)
I hadn't heard either one in about 10 years (you are old, too)
so that was an odd walk down musical memory lane.

I am way too busy to be blogging ...


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