Thursday, February 21, 2008

Over Time, Mistakes were Few-- But I Believe They're Mine

Went to bed the other night with a slight toothache...

Woke up to a swollen face, and mucho pain..
Called the Dentist from the Chamber of Commerce map we have hanging in the garage at 9:30.
Was given a slot to see dentist at 10:30 ...
Was home (with meds) by 11:30.

Small towns rule.

And then this morning, I took my pills, without food ( Idiot!!) and after about 30 minutes, had to go dry heave in the bathroom until I was a big sweating sweatball.
I looked like an athlete...except for the gut.

I sure will be happy when my adult teeth come in.

Also, on my way home from drugstore, I was turning left as some lady was turning right...
she was so mesmerized by my beard, or tattoos, or maybe the pimpin' whip, that she crashed right up onto the curb, and bottomed out.
She looked like she was pulling off a nice frontside railslide ( Tony Hawk!)
I drove on past her, giving her my patented "You are a complete moron" look (developed and perfected in Buffalo, NY) and she had the absolute nerve to give ME the finger.
I was too busy laughing my balls off to respond, and I watched her struggle to free herself from the curb in my rearview mirror.
She is lucky...had she pulled some shit like that on me before I was married, I would have stopped, gone back, and really had a nifty confrontation. I have had some epic road/ street fights, and, frankly I don't take that type of shit from people. Ever.
Toothaches, and road battles..Ahhh, good times.


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