Sunday, February 24, 2008

I am Here to Liquidate---Time to Raise the Flag of Hate

Sunday night...where did this weekend go?

I am tired of these painkillers. They make me feel like everything requires thought...even automatic stuff, like peeing, or walking.

Have been getting royally screwed at the poker tables, to the point where I am just going to play out the money I have at Absolute... and find a new site.

I won't bore me with the details, but after Saturday all I can say is E-fucking-nough.

Absolute Poker has something called a "Bad Beat Jackpot"...where people in certain games can win big money if they get fucked out of a hand ( 4 of a kind as a losing hand)..
the site has given away MILLIONS o' dollars for the fuck story hands...
In retrospect, that should have been a red flag ( a BIG, BRIGHT one) that the site had some sort of bullshit attached to it.

Anyhow, enough poker bitching.

Ros painted our old blue desk white this looks much better.

Gearing up for another super-fun week.
At least it is 'pay-week'

And tomorrow marks 2 weeks since we ate meat, or anything canned or processed.
Tonight I am really craving "bad" food ( Bacon- double-cheesburger, cheese fries, and a strawberry slush from Sonic.) but I am thinking that If I tried to eat that, the grease, and shit will just make me feel sick.

Bad food is like really sucks when you learn about it. Do you remember the day you learned the concept of Karma? Ruined everything, didn't it?

Hmpf...I'm going to the garage.


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