Thursday, February 14, 2008

Was Told That I Could Fly--When Least Expected

So... my Mom told me today that the people who bought the old house have sent photos of some of the changes they have made to the landscaping, et c.

For the first time since they sold it, I feel a surprising sense of "what the fuck? they are changing stuff?"

Odd, because I do NOT miss Buffalo (or it's lovely people, and weather) one iota.
But...that is our house...

When we left Bflo this last time, I was more than ready to leave it (Get thee behind me, Satan)
and have no intention of ever returning, which is why I am shocked at my sense of propriety.

I am tempted to send them pictures of us in shorts in February.
Nah...that'd be too easy.

I'm going the the garage.


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